Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Well…the trip to Seattle…didn’t work out. Oh how I wish I could just tell the universe why it fell through because it’s a doozy. But it wouldn’t be nice to tell this story so I won’t. But I will say that Jeremy and myself were very disappointed and frustrated. So instead of heading west we picked my nine year old brother in law Evan up and we went east! We took the little bit of money we had for the trip west and spent a couple days at Niagara Falls. It was a he-man road trip…full of ungodly sounds and smells…Playstation 2 and other shenanigans.

BTW…brother Schweyer and I almost ended up in Canadian custody. Yeah…we were caught crossing the border…apparently it’s not like the good old days…and we were caught illegally crossing into another country with a boy who is not my son nor his…a boy who happened not to have any I.D. handy either. According to Schweyer the exchange with Canadian officials was both “crazy” and “tense”. But, as they say, all’s well that ends well…and they let us go home without being tazed, maced or strip searched. Thank you Jesus.

So I’m back in rainy Akron where I belong safe and sound. And I can’t wait to begin posting on a regular basis again!


jeremy schweyer said...

You are so funny. All the quote "secret quotes" and "hidden riddles" are halarious! You are nearly the funniest man I've ever met, besides me of coarse! I am glad we survied the Canadian assult! We learned what buttons to push and not to, and to be careful when checking out at Denny's and trying desparately to get directions to the little river up the road! But most of all, we got a chance to really man-bond and sharpen each other (although, I am sure that I am the one who was being sharpend because you are a brilliant mind!). Apologies are in order when I return to the land of rainy roads. I am very blessed to have you as a friend, and I look foward to whatever God may have in store for the both of us. I am glad that you love Jesus, and I am really glad that you quote, "GET IT!"

From Niagra,
Peace Out!

irreverend fox said...

you're still in Niagra Falls...SHOOT! I knew I forgot something.

sorry man.