Saturday, December 30, 2006

Special Edition:
Just thought I’d share this bit of real life humor… as you all know, God has brought several Jehovah’s Witnesses into my life. We try and get together every Saturday for study and they have been so gracious to me when I’ve been with them in their Kingdom Hall Book Study on many Tuesday nights.

Well, today Naomi and I were studying with our “JW” friends when we heard a knock at the door…I jumped up to see who it might be…and two Mormon elders stood there smiling! Wow! Talk about cherry picking…God is taking it easy on me and instead of sending me out to the lost He’s just bringing the lost to my door! How convenient for my busy schedule!

So I spoke briefly with them and told them that I’m very interested in speaking with them about the Bible and asked them to call me (I gave them my number) to set up a time! I would have just invited them in and witnessed to two “JW’s” and two “LDS’s” at the same time…but I could tell my JW friends wouldn’t have been into that!

This is awesome! I must be on a list or something!

I thought I’d just share that story with you all! Equip yourself, gird yourself and prepare yourself to be a witness for Christ and He will give you opportunities…the problem is that far too many of us are far to busy…

Since I’m being humorous, here’s a great clip (totally unrelated) to make you smile…

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