Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sexy God!...another CLASSIC!


Naomi said...

So, then did God bring sexy back?

This was hilarious! WOW...I am glad that he and his emerging friends emerged out of the closet! That was funny!

irreverend fox said...

no doubt!

those familiar with the Emergent Villagers in general, and Rob Bell in particular, will really get a kick out of this video.

I was cracking up! It's great!

It’s sad on the other hand…I don’t consider Emergent “Villagers” and those who are associated with that movement within the realm of orthodoxy anymore…those churches are not much more than sects and cults…I’m done even entertaining them with "the right hand of" fellowship...they don't play on the same team I'm on anymore, they are on the other team.

Cole said...


Mohammad said...

what team ar yu on? do yu have a church website? What yu think of the KORAN? Details plese. Thank yu!