Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I really need some help. Ok...stop snickering...enough! You know what I mean! I need your input. The Epicenter Church website is almost complete...most of the content is up. I'm still working out some bugs with links under the FAQ page and I need to begin to upload a couple sermons under "listen".

I dropped out of high school and got my GED, folks…ok? I'm not that great with grammar or speeling, as shocking as that might seem to so many of you who read the blog here. What I need all of you to do is to check the site out and comb through it for me. Please look for speeling mistakes and grammar mistakes. Pretend it's like an egg hunt or something, ok? We've invested a few bucks into this and I truly want it to be flawless.

So...the link is www.theepicenterchurch.com and when you find mistakes please email them to me at asthedeer1@juno.com

Oh, one more thing. When you see the site you will notice different links on the left hand side. They will all stay the same except the Rick Warren link will be changed to a link to Joel Osteen...ok...that's another lie. Man I need to stop that. But...for real...it will link to our church's Myspace…errr…uhhh…space…instead of Rick Warren’s.

Finally...when you get to the FAQ page and read the answer to the question about why our church is growing keep in mind...I didn't write that portion, ok? I of course would have used must loftier language.

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