Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I have a new hobby. It's a great stress reliever actually...and oh does it make me feel clever. I have suddenly realized that I can send parts of the Emergent church blogosphere into a tizzy at will! Oh the rush of's intoxicating! Besides...I have nothing better to do, right?

In all of my hero's is Rush Limbaugh. He has always taught that one of the greatest ways to demonstrate to be absurd. And that is why I've been creating these motivational banners for the Emergent church. Satire is so very helpful...and fun! I honestly do hope and pray these guys will snap out of their infatuation with these heterodox doctrines. It may be trendy and you might feel like you are really part of a great discovery…as if Christianity has missed it for twenty centuries and now is finally getting it since you all have arrived. But this “other gospel” is damnable and there will be blood on the hands of those who preach it.

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