Thursday, December 13, 2007

I’ve had several people ask me which “Study Bible” I would recommend they purchase for a loved one during the Christmas season as a gift. Of course the best Bible to purchase is any with multiple translations. But to the question of a “Study Bible”, that is a Bible which also contains commentary, footnotes and other refrences, there a several solid ones. MacArthur has a great one along with Ryrie…I like them both. But the one I would most strongly recommend and endorse is featured in this grandiose introduction (it is amazing what one finds when one “googles” something) below. This Study Bible is available in both The New King James Version and The English Standard Version…I highly recommend The English Standard Version edition (for various reasons that I won’t get into now but would gladly share if asked). So here goes…this is my strong recommendation…

You can purchase it online in leather right here or in hardback here, or of course you can purchase it at most if not all local Christian book sellers.


Zac said...


Taking a break from finals/studying and saw this. Very good stuff.

On a far less serious note, here is a video with my own recommendation.

irreverend fox said...

hey zac!

that is hilarious! I love that video! do you know that video has been played on VH1 and MTV? it's classic!