Friday, November 02, 2007

I’ll be posting more on prophets here soon…but I have something I need to get off my chest.

I’m terribly concerned with the position Bible believing Christians might possibly be put in when it comes to the next presidential election. Christians understand that life is a gift from God and that it is the highest duty of every civil government, above all other duties, to protect each person’s right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Despite an overwhelming amount of misunderstanding, we in the United States do not live a democracy. Read that again. It’s true. We live in a Representative Republic. That means we elect people to make decisions for us. We don’t vote on wars…we elect the most qualified people to decide those things for us. This system has served us well as a buffer which prevents “mob rule”. Can you imagine what would have happened in the Middle East had a vote been taken on September 12th, 2001? The Middle East would still be glowing!

So as citizens we have the responsibility to our God or simply our conscious to vote for people we believe will stand for what is “right”.

Christians still remain qualified to participate in this system. We recognize Christ as our master and the things He desires must be what we desire and what He has hatred for we must have hatred for.

Jesus hates abortion.

Does anyone care to debate that? Would anybody dare stand up and say that Jesus Christ has anything short for full blown disgust, wrath and hatred towards the abomination of abortion? Don’t you know that His judgment has fallen upon our nation because we have tolerated the intolerable? Don’t you know that His judgments have just begun and will grow in both number and severity until we rid ourselves of this gross brutality and beg for His mercy?

Don’t you know that searing little babies with saline, ripping their little arms and legs off or sucking their brains out and crushing their skull is vile? And don’t you know that anybody who actually believes such things should be protected is either drastically stupid, outrageously ignorant or is a sick, self absorbed, God hating pervert?

Hmmm…I really wonder what Jesus thinks of all the growing concern and hysteria about ‘saving the planet’ while at the same time we grind little babies into pulp?

Do you really wonder what He thinks about His chosen people not truly hating what He truly hates? Dare we pray one more time “God bless America”? Dare we ask one more time, “Lord, have mercy” as we willingly march our nation past the filth of depravity and straight into the pit of hell?

So…with that said…Christians have a big problem on the horizon. There is a significant chance that neither political party will run a candidate for president who opposes abortion. Choosing between the lesser of two evils is not something Christians can do…we are not ever permitted to choose “evil” in any dosage. The option of voting for a third party candidate, it is reasonably said, is actually a vote for the greater of the two evils and is a self defeating vote. It certainly feels that Christians are damned if we do and damned if we don’t.

Here are the realities. This go around the Democrats are running humanists, period. Not only are they all pro-abortion they will certainly nominate judges to the courts who are also strongly pro-abortion. Therefore, there is not a single Democrat running for president that a Christian can vote for. Lord willing, the true Christians in the Democrat party can bring change to it in the local, state and primary levels…but for now…they must all vote against their party in the presidential election because their highest loyalty is to the master. Remember all ye Democrat readers out there... you are a Christian first.

The Republican party does have several pro-life candidates to choose from. However, the two men leading in the polls are massive problems for Christians. Rudy Giuliani is a respectable man insofar as he appears to stick to his core beliefs, as much as any politician can do I suppose. I don’t believe the man is a liar or manipulator. He and President Bush will always maintain legendary status for their incredible leadership they both demonstrated after September 11th. He also did an incredible job “cleaning up” and “turning around” New York city. The problem is that he believes the abomination of abortion should be protected. He is therefore either:

-drastically stupid
-outrageously ignorant
-a sick, God hating, pervert

You decide. Irregardless of which of these three things is his problem, who can vote for a guy with at least one of those three ailments? A non-Christian I suppose.

Then you have Mitt Romney with his slick and cheesy smile saying everything us knuckle dragging, grunting and back woods conservative Christian types want to hear. The problem with this guy is that just a few years ago he stood against everything we believe in. This guy can’t be trusted…his policies are driven by power…whichever group has the votes he needs to win is the group he will dance for. It’s ridiculous. Pay close attention to how he explains himself in debates…if you listen closely you can hear him basically admit that himself. The fact that he would be the first henotheistic president in US history is bad enough…but his constant flip flopping on key issues makes him untrustworthy.

The remainder of the Republican candidates are trustworthy pro-lifers which the Christian can therefore be free to choose from without violating a core Christian ethic.

Again, Giuliani and Romney are the top two running in the Republican primary polls and that is not a good thing. There is a significant chance that Christians will have two pro-abortion candidates to pick from in the general election. Or we will have a pro-abortion candidate and a guy who is pro-life right now but could simply change his mind again, to choose from.

I’ll be honest with you…I can’t do it. If the Republicans nominate a pro-abortion candidate I for one am voting third party. If they nominate a pro-abortion candidate I hope the Democrat wins. I really do. My prayer is that such a thing would shock the Republicans enough to never run a pro-abortion candidate again. Remember all ye Republican readers out're a Christian first.

I shutter to think of the prospect of pro-abortion Republican actually winning the White House. What is the difference if two cars are on the same road heading the same direction if one of them is simply slower than the other one?


Zac said...


This is a good post for several reasons. For one, it shows me that you and I are in agreement-- no Christian can live his life in a bubble, and the implications of this for us mean that the Gospel must not only inform our normal day-to-day decisions, but our political ones as well.

I also like your use of rhetoric, although maybe I would have liked to see more reasons why you believe Giuliani would appoint pro-abortion judges. The reason I ask this is because at the executive level, there isn't much to be done that directly deals with someone's constitutional right to murder a baby. Thanks to the separation of powers doctrine, the executive branch is there to enforce the law rather than legislate or decide cases.

That having been said, maybe it's more a danger of Giuliani's veto power being misused against possible pro-life legislation, and/or helping sign into law more pro-death legislation? Rather than present a predetermined conclusion, it would be better to show the readers why exactly a candidate who has promised to appoint only strict constructionist judges is nevertheless perhaps a danger to the lives of the unborn.

I will also bring up that even President Bush signed certain pro-death bills into law, despite his professed personal convictions that abortion is wrong. Case in point, his cave-in on the stem-cell research stuff.

The reason I bring this up is that I think we must be careful in painting everything in black and white, lest we miss out on the fact that the spiritual burdens of democracy upon Christians includes the problem that people we elect will probably make decisions, at some time or another, that are not God-pleasing.

This is not to say that then it really doesn't matter who we elect-- rather it says precisely the opposite. We must be careful, always trusting that no one achieves the power to govern from himself or even from the people, since all real authority comes from God. At the same time, our choice must be informed not only by the personal views of a politician, but his competency, the duties and powers of the office he seeks, and our own perception of his character.

Under this paradigm, it is not enough to know whether a politician like Giuliani personally thinks that the Constitution does guarantee a woman the right to an abortion. We must also ascertain his ability to implement this horrid view upon the republic, and/or whether there are any nuances in his belief which, though flawed, render him nonetheless safe-- here I speak of his pledge only to appoint strict constructionist judges.

Then we must weigh this with our own consciences, and our perception of both his fitness for an office like the presidency based upon other qualifications like ability to unify the people, command armies, adequately serve our nation's executive branch. This should also be done with out-spoken pro-life candidates. Does my own pro-life conviction qualify me for any sort of elected office? No, because I could still run the country into the ground and destroy the economy, which might actually lead to more abortions than if I had not taken the office!

I think it is important to emphasize that a real "weighing" of the various factors should take place, because sometimes this means that people with the same convictions on issues might nevertheless find that their opinions differ about how these convictions are served in the real world. And that's ok... that's part of living here in a fallen world, since "now we see through a glass darkly."

Christians can have differences of opinion on such things, which I'm sure you also believe-- it's just that your article seemed to suggest that a difference of opinion was not impossible to a reasonable person.

But good post, nonetheless.

irreverend fox said...


thanks man.

first, as I said...I just needed to get all that off my chest. consider it more of a rant. second, I have a hard enough time with brevity as it is...if I’m not carefully I’d end up writing a book! third, I'm not sure at all that Giuliani would appoint pro-abortion judges...he says he would not, which seems a bit hard to believe. maybe he will and maybe he won’t. my primary issue with him is that he is either:

1. stupid
2. ignorant
3. a God hating pervert

and I just can't vote for someone who is one of those three things. also, I do not understand how on one hand you can believe that abortion should be…OUGHT to be…protected and yet you'd knowingly undermine that protection by nominating “strict” constructionist judges...seems hard to believe doesn’t it?

and I hope no one confuses me with a Bush "fan". for me he is in many ways barely tolerable. I one always makes God pleasing decisions...but for me there is a line. protecting the ripping of little babies arms, legs and heads off is where I draw it. but that’s just me I guess.

I do firmly believe that it is a sin to vote for someone who would protect abortion. Period. It really is that black and white. Now Rudy will either work to protect abortion or he will not and by declaring himself "pro-choice" he has told the world that he would work to protect it...that's all I need to know. making it a state issue is a good start for sure…but it is a sin to vote for anyone who will not work to outlaw it altogether…just like slavery.

my biggest offense at your comment was your assertion that you would run the economy into the ground. NOT SO! WRONG! Zac, you have my vote my friend! don't you know that will find this comment you made on my blog (it will be super famous in 30 years, don’t you know?) and will beat you over the head with it? what are you thinking zac!

zac 2038!

Anonymous said...

considering this is only Nov, and all, I will wait and see who
God may raise up to take this office. Of course, He has in the past used evil people that His will is accomplished. (Pharoah)
I am not going to lose sleep over this. I do pray that we as a nation (that is believers) will seek Him, humble ourselves, and repent. We need to set the example considering we have the Truth living in us.

Zac said...


loirel said...

Wow, Gary! Well written and very informative. Thanks for the heads up on these candidates. This is really sad about these Republicans (or anyone for that matter) who are not pro-life. They say they're not pro-choice either but the bottom line is they are putting their stamp of approval on abortion! It breaks my heart. Especially having a child now and all the many who want children and can't have them. I want to cringe! Let's remember to pray for our leaders and future leaders and the decision-makers voting this next President in. Lord, give them wisdom and show them the truth...