Monday, September 11, 2006

John Calvin's Senior Class Picture.

On the back he wrote:
Gary, you are one cool cat, thanks for all the memories! I'm glad that we are still friends after our heated euchre battles during senior study hall...I promise I did not cheat. Have a great summer, "Big John Studd".
I’m done blogging about reformed soteriology, for now at least. Since I’ve not been consistent with blogging it sure seems like I’ve been on this topic for a LONG time…when really I’ve only wrote just a handful of thoughts about the issues. I wish we had more comments on the blog itself, but, I’ve had so many deep conversations with so many of you either on the phone or on my deck or driving in the car.

The last two issues seem to flow as natural reactions to the first three. The “L” and the “P” of classic Calvinism is “Limited Atonement” or as I like to refer to it “Particular Redemption” and the “Perseverance of the Saints” or as it is commonly called “once saved-always saved”. Yes I believe both because I believe both are the taught in the scripture and because denying either of these two totally undercuts the first three points and then we’re left with nothing. Why would Jesus die for people He had not elected or predestined? And if He died for those He elected and His grace was so overwhelming and ultimately irresistible to them and He actually opened their eyes to faith why would He not finish the good work started in them?

There are many scriptures we can go through to debate these last two points and you’ll have to search them out on your own. Check out or for a clear presentation of both points. I’m just too busy to stay this deep on any consistent basis.

This is good stuff though, ain’t it?

The next several days I’ll be posting material that (most) of Southside has been working through. This is material that God used me to write and so therefore you can do with it what you’d like. We used it in our first prayer labyrinth; you can use it for your own devotional life or use it in your church for a time of structured prayer. I’ll post the first station this afternoon.

God bless and don’t EVER forget who saved you, how you were saved and why you were saved.

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